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  6. 2nd International Summit and Conference: Behavior Analysis and Autism in Higher Education

2nd International Summit and Conference: Behavior Analysis and Autism in Higher Education


Datum: 24 januari 2018 09:00 - 24 januari 2018 16:00
Plats: Bergsmannen, Aula Magna (26/1, Victorysalen, Lilla Nygatan 4, Gamla stan)

The prevalence of autism has increased at a much higher rate than any other disability and is estimated to be 1 in 68. It is neuro-biological in origin, with onset in early childhood. Autism is characterized by significant impairments in socio-communicative interactions across contexts, restricted stereotyped interests, activities and patterns of behavior as well as resistance to environmental change, unusual sensory experiences, and lack of skills necessary to learn naturally from the environment.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a dynamic and expanding field and training programs have grown exponentially over the last decade. As this new and rapidly growing discipline emerges there are ethical and pragmatic challenges to be addressed by higher education. Institutions devoted to training researchers in behaviour analysis and practitioners are charged with designing curriculum to meet both scientific and clinical progress requirements.

The purpose of the summit, which is financed by the Swedeish Research Council (VR) and supported by University of North Texas, is to gather a number of distinguished international researchers and scholars to present in the 2nd International Summit and Conference on Behavior Analysis and Autism in Higher Education 2018, focusing on the themse mentioned below. As in the 1st conference, hosted by the University of North Texas (2009), researchers as well as doctoral students will meet to discuss issues in higher education, consider policy directions, and form new international partnerships. Activities and time will be specifically allotted for these activities.

The topic sections will include:

  • Culture and global trends: How do changes in migration, integration, and diversity affect the content and processes of implementation? This will include a discussion of current conditions, concerns, and directions.
  • Implementation science and evidence-based practice:  Definition of necessary criteria in relation to ASD, reliable change level, randomized control and single-case research design.  What are the anchor points and core competencies?
  • Supervision and performance competencies: How are higher education programs approaching overall core competencies and curriculum?  A discussion of the benefits and concerns with a range of models will be addressed.
  • Technology and distributed education: Research conditions under which distance education is most effective?  What are the trends regarding instructional delivery in ABA?
  • Scope of practice and regulatory bodies: Comparative international variations. Which regulatory bodies govern research, practice, higher education accreditation? What is the scope of practice? What are treatment and research settings in regard to the field? 
  • Inclusion and engagement: What are the concerns and directions suggested by experts with in these areas? What are considerations related to interdisciplinary collaboration, data collection, and program development and evaluation?

A key component of this international conference and summit is to pave the path for cross-cultural projects, and publications. All of which are of importance for improving the quality of life and development for children with ASD, their families and learning environments.

Organizing team:

Lise Roll- Petterson PhD (University of Stockholm),
Chair of the Summit Organizing Committee

Shahla Alai-Rosales PhD (University of North Texas)
Karola Dillenburger, (Queens College, UK)
Michael Keenan PhD (University of Ulster, UK)
Gabriela Sigurdardottir PhD (University of Iceland)


24-26 januari: Program

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Besöksadress: Sveavägen 160-162, Stockholm
Postadress: 106 91 Stockholm
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Stefan Wiklund

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Anders Bergmark 

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Mats Ekendahl

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Sanna Tielman

Jane Barkström och Annika Jemteborn

Anna Bäckman, Hans Dahlén och Lars Eriksson


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