Christer Cederlund. Foto: Sanna Tielman Lindberg

Med utgångspunkt från att samhället i allt större utsträckning ställer krav på att individen ska anpassa sig för att bli inkluderad lyfter Christer Cederlund upp socialpedagogikens roll för att synliggöra dessa krav. Detta görs dels utifrån teoretiska utgångspunkter, dels utifrån en studie av hemlösa gatuförsäljare av tidningar.

Artikeln ingår i en tidskrift utgiven av FESET, European Social Educator Training. FESET är en europeisk samarbetsorganisation för utbildningar inom socialt arbete. Christer Cederlund är ledamot i organisationens styrelse.


As social pedagogy as a subject has become part of Swedish university education in social work, so has the need arisen to clarify what social pedagogy is. The aim of this article is to bring to the fore some pedagogical aspects of social work by proceeding from some points of departure inspired by various modernity theoreticians. A major point of departure is that increasingly today, greater demands are being placed on the individual in order to be included in the fellowships and normalities of the society. The article argues that it is a social pedagogical task to bring these demands clearly into view so that the knowledge can be used to identify current normalities and to qualify persons for community inclusion. A theoretical section is followed by a study of persons selling street papers, who have answered questions about the demands that they experience are placed on them by others and their responses to these demands.

Cederlund, Christer (2011). The premises of normality – social pedagogical challenges. European Journal of Social Education, No.20/21, pp.81-93.

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