We teach and conduct research on the topic of substance use (e.g. alcohol and other drugs) and behavioral problems (e.g. gambling). Thematically we cover three different areas of research:

  1. The influence of policy and ideology on the everyday lives of people
  2. Practice-oriented studies of interventions within municipal social services, healthcare and NGOs
  3. User perspectives on treatment, lifestyle change and social conditions

We meet once a month to have seminars and workshops. The Substance Use group is open for temporary attendance.

Research projects in which members of the group participate:

Current publications

Mats Ekendahl

Alexander Björk

Karin Heimdahl

Sofia Härd

Patrik Karlsson

Josefin Månsson

Eva Samuelsson

Anneli Silvén Hagström

Lisa Skogens

Ninive von Greiff