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Publications, general list in alphabetic order

Author Title Year
Katarina Alexius
Abuse, degradation and conflicts in school. A qualitative study of text documents in cases at the Swedish Schools Inspectorate 2018
Ylva B. Almquist, Josephine Jackisch, Hilma Forsman,
et al.
A decade lost : does educational success mitigate the increased risks of premature death among children with experience of out-of-home care? 2018
Els-Marie Anbäcken, Ann-Britt Sand
Japan and Sweden with different types of welfare regimes but a similar elderly care development? : Family care from a gender perspective 2016
Maria Andersson Vogel
An Endeavour for Autonomy : How Girls Understand Their Lived Experiences of Being Referred to Secure Care 2018
Maria Andersson Vogel, Marie Sallnäs, Tommy Lundström
Good idea, bad prerequisite, zero result - the meaning of context in implementing aftercare for young people in secure unit care 2014
Elisabeth Backe-Hansen, Ingrid Höjer, Yvonne Sjöblom,
et al.
Out of home care in Norway and Sweden – similar and different 2014
Albert Banerjee, Tamara Daly, Hugh Armstrong,
et al.
‘Out of Control’: Violence against Personal Support Workers in Long-Term Care 2008
Albert Banerjee, Tamara Daly, Pat Armstrong,
et al.
Structural violence in long-term residential care for older people: Comparing Canada and Scandinavia 2011
Albert Banerjee, Robert James, Margaret McGregor,
et al.
Nursing Home Physicians Discuss Caring for Elderly Residents : An Exploratory Study 2018
Eduardo Barberis, Åke Bergmark, Renate Minas
Rescaling development in Europe : convergence or divergence? 2011
Ingela Beck, Agneta Törnquist, Anna-Karin Edberg
Nurse assistants’ experience of an intervention focused on a palliative care approach for older people in residential care 2011
Lisa Berg, Lars Brännström
Evicted children and subsequent placement in out-of-home care : A cohort study 2018
Anders Bergmark
Topiramate and the question of dosage 2010
Anders Bergmark
'Treating cannabis use disorders: perspectives and best practices 2008
Anders Bergmark
Drug misuse - psychosocial interventions 2009
Anders Bergmark
The role of psychopathology as motivator for drug dependency—some moderating remarks 2014
Anders Bergmark, Åke Bergmark, Tommy Lundström
The mismatch between the map and the terrain : Evidence based practice in Sweden 2012
Anders Bergmark, Tommy Lundström,
Guided or independent? Social workers, central bureaucracy and evidence-based practice 2010
Anders Bergmark, Lisa Skogens, Ninive von Greiff
The pursuit of evidence-based practice - a comparison of three guidelines on psychosocial interventions for alcohol problems 2014
Åke Bergmark
Social work in the advanced welfare state – the case of Sweden 2009
Åke Bergmark
Social work research in Sweden 2015
Åke Bergmark
Editorial 2016
Åke Bergmark
Editorial 2018
Åke Bergmark
Editorial 2018
Åke Bergmark
Editorial 2018
Åke Bergmark
Editorial 2015
Åke Bergmark
Editorial 2018
Åke Bergmark
Editorial 2016
Åke Bergmark
Editorial 2016
Åke Bergmark, Olof Bäckman, Renate Minas
Organizing local social service measures tocounteract long-term social assistance receipt. What works? Experiences from Sweden 2016
Åke Bergmark, Renate Minas
Actors and governance arrangements in the field of social assistance 2009
Marie Berlin, Bo Vinnerljung, Anders Hjern
School performance in primary school and psychosocial problems in young adulthood among care leavers from long term foster care 2011
Torbjörn Bildtgård, Peter Öberg
Time as a structuring condition behind new intimate relationships in later life 2015
Torbjörn Bildtgård, Peter Öberg
Time as a structuring condition behind new intimate relationships in later life 2013
Alexander Björk
Working with different logics : A case study on the use of the Addiction Severity Index in addiction treatment practice 2013
Alexander Björk
Evidence, fidelity, and organisational rationales : Multiple uses of Motivational Interviewing in a social services agency 2016
Alexander Björk
Stabilizing a fluid intervention : The development of Motivational Interviewing, 1983-2013 2014
Alexander Björk
Reconsidering critical appraisal in social work : choice, care and organization in real-time treatment decisions 2018
Alexander Björk
Evidence-based practice behind the scenes : How evidence in social work is used and produced 2016
Emma Björkenstam, Charlotte Björkenstam, Bo Vinnerljung,
et al.
Juvenile delinquency, social background and suicide-a Swedish national cohort study of 992 881 young adults 2012
Emma Björkenstam, Bo Burström, Lars Brännström,
et al.
Cumulative exposure to childhood stressors and subsequent psychological distress. An analysis of US panel data 2015
Emma Björkenstam, Christina Dalman, Bo Vinnerljung,
et al.
Childhood household dysfunction, school performance and psychiatric care utilisation in young adults : a register study of 96 399 individuals in Stockholm County 2016
Marit Borg, Marius Veseth, Per-Einar Binder,
et al.
The role of work in recovery from bipolar disorders 2013
Deborah Brennan, Bettina Cass, Susan Himmelweit,
et al.
The marketisation of care : Rationales and consequences in Nordic and liberal care regimes 2012
Helene Brodin
At the intersection of marketisation, diversity and migration : reshaping the provision of paid family eldercare in Sweden? 2018
E. Broekaert, M-J. Haack, C. Kaplan,
et al.
The Biomed II IPTRP Project : Implementation of Diagnostic Instruments 2011
Lars Brännström, Hilma Forsman, Bo Vinnerljung,
et al.
The truly disadvantaged? Midlife outcome dynamics of individuals with experiences of out-of-home care 2016
Lars Brännström, Henrik Karlsson, Bo Vinnerljung,
et al.
Childhood risk factors for disability pension among adult former Swedish child welfare clients : Same or different as for majority population peers? 2017
Lars Brännström, Catrine Kaunitz, Anna-Karin Andershed,
et al.
Aggression replacement training (ART) for reducing antisocial behavior in adolescents and adults : A systematic review 2016
Lars Brännström, Bo Vinnerljung, Hilma Forsman,
et al.
Children Placed In Out-of-Home Care as Midlife Adults : Are They Still Disadvantaged or Have They Caught Up With Their Peers? 2017
Lars Brännström, Bo Vinnerljung, Anders Hjern
Long-term outcomes of Sweden's Contact Family Program for children 2013
Lars Brännström, Bo Vinnerljung, Anders Hjern
Risk factors for teenage childbirths among child welfare clients : Findings from Sweden 2015
Martin Bøg, Trine Filges, Lars Brännström,
et al.
12-step programs for reducing illicit drug use 2017
Jacqueline A. Choiniere, Malcolm Doupe, Monika Goldmann,
et al.
Mapping Nursing Home Inspections and Audits in Six Countries 2015
Pal Czobor, Erika Bacskai, David Öberg,
et al.
The European Adolescent Assessment Dialogue (EuroADAD) : A Psychometric Evaluation 2012
Tamara Daly, Marta Szebehely
Unheard voices, unmapped terrain : care work in long-term residential care for older people in Canada and Sweden 2011
Larry Davidson, Priscilla Ridgway, Sean Kidd,
et al.
Using qualitative research to inform mental health policy 2011
Anne Denhov, Alain Topor
The components of helping relationships with professionals in psychiatry : User´s perspective 2011
Duane Duncan, Helen Keane, David Moore,
et al.
Making gender along the way : women, men and harm in Australian alcohol policy 2021
Tine Egelund, T.B Jakobsen
Standardized individual therapy : The case of Danish therapeutic residential institutions for children 2010
Tine Egelund, M Lausten
Prevalence of mental health problems among children placed in out of home care in Denmark 2010
Mats Ekendahl
Limits of evidence : The case of psychosocial interventions in a Swedish review of maintenance treatment research 2009
Mats Ekendahl
The construction of maintenance treatment legitimacy : A discourse analysis of a policy shift 2009
Mats Ekendahl
Why not treatment? : Untreated substance abusers´ accounts of their lifestyles and efforts to change 2008
Mats Ekendahl
Will and Skill : An Exploratory Study of Substance Abusers´ Attitudes towards Lifestyle Change 2007
Mats Ekendahl
Time to Change : an exploratory study of motivation among untreated and treated substance abusers 2007
Mats Ekendahl
The limits of legitimacy : service providers’ views on maintenance treatment in Sweden 2011
Mats Ekendahl
Alcohol abuse, compulsory treatment and successive aftercare : A qualitative study of client perspectives 2009
Mats Ekendahl
Heroin Narratives : Normalisation and Demonisation of Heroin Use at a Swedish Online Message Board 2014
Mats Ekendahl, Patrik Karlsson
The user in Swedish abstinence-oriented opioid substitution therapy : a closer look at how user involvement bears upon policy formation 2017
Mats Ekendahl, Patrik Karlsson
The trustworthiness and credibility of risk information about licit substances : Attitudes among Swedish adults 2014
Mats Ekendahl, Patrik Karlsson
The credibility of risk information about licit substances : An exploratory study of attitudes among Swedish adults 2015
Mats Ekendahl, Patrik Karlsson
Multiple Logics : How Staff in Relapse Prevention Interpellate People With Substance Use Problems 2021
Mats Ekendahl, Patrik Karlsson
A matter of craving–An archeology of relapse prevention in Swedish addiction treatment 2022
Mats Ekendahl, Patrik Karlsson, Renate Minas
EU citizens begging and sleeping rough in Swedish Urban Areas : social work perspectives on problems and target groups 2018
Mats Ekendahl, Patrik Karlsson, Josefin Månsson
Logics of Legitimation in Swedish Treatment for Youth Cannabis Use : The Problem Representations of Social Workers in a Prohibitionist Policy Context 2018
Mats Ekendahl, Josefin Månsson, Patrik Karlsson
Risk and responsibilization : resistance and compliance in Swedish treatment for youth cannabis use 2019
Stig Elofsson, Tommy Lundström, Emelie Shanks
High job strain among social work managers and its relation to perceived work situation 2015
Sara Erlandsson, Palle Storm, Anneli Stranz,
et al.
Marketising trends in Swedish eldercare: competition, choice and calls for stricter regulation 2013
Ulla Forinder, Annika Lindahl Norberg
Now we have to cope with the rest of our lives. Existential issues related to parenting a child surviving a brain tumour 2010
Stefan Fors
Blood on the tracks : Life-course perspectives on health inequalities in later life 2010
Stefan Fors, Carin Lennartson, Olle Lundberg
Live long and prosper? Childhood living conditions, marital status, social class in adulthood and mortality during mid-life : A cohort study 2011
Stefan Fors, Carin Lennartsson
Social mobility, geographical proximity and intergenerational family contact in Sweden 2008
Stefan Fors, Carin Lennartsson, Olle Lundberg
Health inequalities among older adults in Sweden 1991–2002 2008
Stefan Fors, Bitte Modin, Ilona Koupil,
et al.
Socioeconomic inequalities in circulatory and all-cause mortality after retirement : the impact of mid-life income and old-age pension. Evidence from the Uppsala Birth Cohort Study 2011
Hilma Forsman
Exploring the Letterbox Club programme’s impact on foster children’s literacy : potent intervention or general support? 2019
Hilma Forsman
Foster carers’ experiences of a paired reading literacy intervention with looked-after children 2015
Hilma Forsman, Bo Vinnerljung
Interventions aiming to improve school achievements of children in out-of-home care : a scoping review 2012
Suzanne Fraser, Mats Ekendahl
“Getting Better” : The Politics of Comparison in Addiction Treatment and Research 2018
Suzanne Fraser, Kylie Valentine, Mats Ekendahl
Drugs, Brains and Other Subalterns : Public Debate and the New Materialist Politics of Addiction 2018
Evelina Fridell Lif, Lars Brännström, Bo Vinnerljung,
et al.
Childhood Adversities and Later Economic Hardship among Swedish Child Welfare Clients : Cumulative Disadvantage or Disadvantage Saturation? 2017
Evy Gunnarsson
Older people´s meaning of everyday life and the lived body 2011
Evy Gunnarsson
The welfare state, the individual and the need for care: older people´s views 2010
Rolf Å Gustafsson, Marta Szebehely
Out-sourcing of public elder care services in Sweden : Effects on work environment and internal political legitimacy 2008
Charlene Harrington, Jacqueline Choiniere, Monika Goldmann,
et al.
Nursing Home Staffing Standards and Staffing Levels in Six Countries 2012
Charlene Harrington, Frode F. Jacobsen, Justin Panos,
et al.
Marketization in Long-Term Care : A Cross-Country Comparison of Large For-Profit Nursing Home Chains 2017
Karen Healy, Tommy Lundström, Marie Sallnäs
Response to Katz's Comment on “Comparison of Out-of-home Care for Children and Young People in Australia and Sweden : Worlds Apart? 2011
Karen Healy, Tommy Lundström, Marie Sallnäs
A Comparison of Out-of-home Care for Children and Young People in Australia and Sweden : Worlds Apart? 2011
Josephine Heap
Living conditions in old age: Coexisting disadvantages across life domains 2016
Josephine Heap, Stefan Fors
Duration and accumulation of disadvantages in old age 2015
Josephine Heap, Carin Lennartsson, Mats Thorslund
Coexisting disadvantages across the adult age span : A comparison of older and younger age groups in the Swedish welfare state 2013
Karin Heimdahl, Patrik Karlsson
Psychosocial interventions for substance-abusing parents and their young children : A scoping review 2016
Anders Hjern, Bo Vinnerljung, Lars Brännström
Outcomes in adulthood of adoption after long-term foster care : a sibling study 2019
Jarmo Houtsonen, Magdalena Czaplicka, Sverker Lindblad,
et al.
Welfare State Restructuring in Education and its National Refractions Finnish, Irish and Swedish Teachers' Perceptions of Current Changes 2010
Klara Hussénius
Intersectional patterns of social assistance eligibility in Sweden 2019
Sara Högdin, Yvonne Sjöblom
Leaving home in early youth : Influential factors in running away from home or being thrown out 2013
Ingrid Höjer, Yvonne Sjöblom
Voices of 65 Young People Leaving Care in Sweden : "There Is So Much I Need to Know!" 2015
Ingrid Höjer, Yvonne Sjöblom
What Makes a Difference? : Turning Points for Young People in the Process of Leaving Placements in Public Care 2015
Ingrid Höjer, Yvonne Sjöblom
Young people leaving care in Sweden 2010
Lena Hübner
Constructing relations in social work: client, customer and service user? The application and relevance of the term user in social work discourse 2014
Lena Hübner
Reflections on knowledge management and evidence-based practice in the personal social services of Finland and Sweden 2019
Joakim Isaksson, Sara Lilliehorn, Pär Salander
Cancer patients' motives for psychosocial consultation - Oncology social workers' perceptions of 226 patient cases 2018
Joakim Isaksson, Sara Lilliehorn, Pär Salander
Next of kin's motives for psychosocial consultation : Oncology social worker's perceptions of 54 next of kin cases 2018
Frode F. Jacobsen, Suzanne Day, Katherine Laxter,
et al.
Job Autonomy of Long-Term Residential Care Assistive Personnel : A Six Country Comparison 2017
Maritha Jacobsson, Lottie Wahlin, Eva Fromholz
Victim Offender Mediation in Sweden : An Activity Falling Apart? 2018
Niklas Jakobsson, Andreas Kotsadam, Marta Szebehely
Informal eldercare and care for disabled children in the Nordic countries : prevalence and relation to employment 2013
Magnus Jegermalm
Carers in the Welfare State : On Informal Care and Support for Carers in Sweden 2005
Outi Jolanki, Marta Szebehely, Kaisa Kauppinen
Family rediscovered? Working carers of older people in Finland and Sweden 2013
Ulrika Järkestig Berggren, Evy Gunnarsson
User-oriented mental health reform in Sweden : featuring professional friendship 2010
Liya Kalinnikova, Sven Trygged
A retrospective on care and denial of children with disabilities inRussia 2015
Lis Bodil Karlsson
'More real than reality' : A study of voice hearing 2007
Lis Bodil Karlsson, Evy Gunnarsson
Squalor, chaos and feelings of disgust : care workers talk about older people with alcohol problems 2017
Patrik Karlsson
Margins of Prevention : - On Older Adolescents' Positive and Negative Beliefs about Illicit Drug Use 2006
Patrik Karlsson
Personal experiences of drinking and alcohol-related risk perceptions : The importance of the subjective dimension 2012
Patrik Karlsson
The relationship between affective associations with alcohol and binge drinking 2012
Patrik Karlsson, Anders Bergmark
Compared with what? An analysis of control group typies in Cochrane and Campbell reviews of psychosocial treatment efficacy with substance use disorders 2014
Patrik Karlsson, Anders Bergmark
Implementing guidelines for substance abuse treatment : a critical discussion of "Knowledge to Practice" 2012
Patrik Karlsson, Anders Bergmark
Evidence-based practice - anything goes? 2012
Patrik Karlsson, Anders Bergmark, Tommy Lundström
Effects of psychosocial interventions on behavioural problems in youth : A close look at Cochrane and Campbell reviews 2016
Patrik Karlsson, Anders Bergmark, Tommy Lundström
Procedures and claims among US evidence-producing organizations : the case of the Incredible Years programme 2014
Patrik Karlsson, Mats Ekendahl, Isabella Gripe,
et al.
Individual and school-class correlates of youth cannabis use in Sweden : A multilevel study 2018
Patrik Karlsson, Mats Ekendahl, Josefin Månsson,
et al.
Has illicit drug use become normalised in groups of Swedish youth? A latent class analysis of school survey data from 2012 to 2015 2018
Patrik Karlsson, Tommy Lundström
ADHD and social work with children and adolescents 2019
Patrik Karlsson, Charlotta Magnusson, Johan Svensson
Does the familial transmission of drinking patterns persist into young adulthood? A 10-year follow up 2016
Johan Kejerfors
Parenting in Urban Slum Areas : Families with Children in a Shantytown of Rio de Janeiro 2007
Kersti Kriisk, Renate Minas
Social rights and spatial access to local social services : The role of structural conditions in access to local social services in Estonia 2017
Jonas Landberg, Lena Hübner
Changes in the Relationship Between Volume of Consumption and Alcohol-Related Problems in Sweden During 1979-2003 2014
Kristina Larsson
According to need? : Predicting use of formal and informal care in a Swedish urban elderly population 2004

Narrative methods in understanding the use and misuse of alcohol and drugs. 2014
Sam Larsson, John Lilja, Therese von Braun,
et al.
General Theoretical Perspectives of Narrative Analysis of Substance Use-Related Dependency 2013
Sam Larsson, John Lilja, Therese von Braun,
et al.
Introduction: Using narrative research methods for the analysis of use and misuse of alcohol and drugs 2014
Sam Larsson, Yvonne Sjöblom
Perspectives on narrative methods in social work research 2010
Sam Larsson, Therese von Braun, John Lilja
A Multidimensional Model for Narrative Analysis of Substance Use-Related Dependency 2013
Sam Larsson, Therese von Braun, John Lilja,
et al.
A Self-theoretical Perspective on the Use-Misuse of Alcohol and Drugs Based on Qualitative and Narrative Data 2013
Anu Leinonen, Ann-Britt Sand
Reconciling partner-care and paid work in Finland and Sweden: challenges and coping strategies 2014
John Lilja, Sam Larsson, Therese von Braun,
et al.
Epilogue: Discussion about narrative methods as a strategy for investigating and understanding the use and misuse alochol and drugs 2014
Sara Lilliehorn, Joakim Isaksson, Pär Salander
What does an oncology social worker deal with in patient consultations? – An empirical study 2019
Annika Lindahl Norberg, Karin Mellgren, Jacek Winiarski,
et al.
Relationship between problems related to child late effects and parent burnout after pediatric hematopoietic stem cell transplantation 2014
Hanna Linell
The process of disclosing child abuse : a study of Swedish Social Services protection in child abuse cases 2016
Hanna Linell
Child protection through an abuse-focused lens : Adolescent victimization and Swedish social services responses 2017
Amanda Ljungberg, Anne Denhov, Alain Topor
The Art of Helpful Relationships with Professionals : A Meta-ethnography of the Perspective of Persons with Severe Mental Illness 2015
Carina Ljungwald
The Emergence of the Crime Victim in the Swedish Social Services Act 2011
Carina Ljungwald
Victims of Crime in the Swedish Social Services Act 2007
Carina Ljungwald
The Idea of the Crime Victim as a Trojan Horse in the Swedish Social Services Act 2010
Carina Ljungwald, Robert Elias
The Emergence of Crime Victims as a Target Group in the Swedish Social Services Act 2010
Carina Ljungwald, Anna Hollander
Crime Victims in the Swedish Social Services Act 2009
Carina Ljungwald, Kerstin Svensson
Crime Victims and the Social Services : Social Workers’ Viewpoint 2011
Liz Lloyd, Albert Banerjee, Charlene Harrington,
et al.
It’s a scandal! Comparing the causes and consequences of nursing home media scandals in five countries 2014
Johanna K. Loy, Bettina Grüne, Barbara Braun,
et al.
Help-seeking behaviour of problem gamblers : a narrative review 2019
Lisa Lundberg, Åke Bergmark
Self-perceived competence and willingness to ask about intimate partner violence among Swedish social workers 2018
Lisa Lundberg, Hugo Stranz
A matter of choice—professionals’ views on the incorporation of practical work with intimate partner violence into Swedish personal social services 2019
Tommy Lundström, Marie Sallnäs
Sibling contact among Swedish children in foster and residential care : Out of home care in a family service system 2011
Tommy Lundström, Marie Sallnäs
Familiepleje i Danmark [Foster Care in Denmark] 2018
Tommy Lundström, Marie Sallnäs, Emelie Shanks
Stability and change in the field of residential care for children : On ownership structure, treatment ideas and institutional logics 2018
Catharina M. Löf, Jacek Winiarski, Per Ljungman,
et al.
The socioeconomic and psychosocial circumstances of adult long-term survivors of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in childhood 2012
Gabrielle Meagher, Tommy Lundström, Marie Sallnäs,
et al.
Big Business in a Thin Market : Understanding the Privatization of Residential Care for Children and Youth in Sweden 2015
Gabrielle Meagher, Marta Szebehely
Private financing of elder care in Sweden: Arguments for and against. 2012
Gabrielle Meagher, Marta Szebehely
Long-term care in Sweden : Trends, actors and consequences 2012

Marketisation in Nordic eldercare: : a research report on legislation, oversight, extent and consequen 2013
Gabrielle Meagher, Marta Szebehely
Equality in the social service state :  Nordic childcare models in comparative perspective. 2011
Gabrielle Meagher, Marta Szebehely, Jane Mears
How institutions matter for job characteristics, quality and experiences : A comparison of home care work for older people in Australia and Sweden 2016
Bettina Meinow
Capturing health in the elderly population : Complex health problems, mortality, and allocation of home-help services 2008
Renate Minas
Administrating poverty : Studies of intake organization and social assistance in Sweden 2005
Renate Minas
The concept of integrated services in different welfare states from a life course perspective 2016
Renate Minas
Intake strategies : organizing the intake of new social assistance inquirers 2005
Renate Minas
One-stop shops : Increasing employability and overcoming welfare state fragmentation? 2014
Renate Minas
Social expenditures and public administration : are local social assistance costs in Sweden a matter of organisation? 2010
Renate Minas
Activation in integrated servcies? Bridging social and employment services in European countries 2009
Renate Minas, Olof Bäckman, Vibeke Jakobsen,
et al.
Rescaling inequality? Welfare reform and local variation in social assistance payments 2014
Renate Minas, Vibeke Jakobsen, Timo Kauppinen,
et al.
The governance of poverty : Welfare reform, activation policies, and social assistance benefits and caseloads in Nordic countries 2018
Renate Minas, Sharon Wright, Rik van Berkel
Decentralization and centralization : Governing the activation of social assistance recipients in Europe 2012
Per Moum Hellevik, Carolina Överlien, Christine Barter,
et al.
Traversing the Generational Gap : Young People’s Views on Intervention and Prevention of Teenage Intimate Partner Violence 2017
Josefin Månsson
Cannabis discourses in contemporary Sweden : Continuity and change 2017
Josefin Månsson, Mats Ekendahl
Protecting Prohibition : the Role of Swedish Information Symposia in Keeping Cannabis a High-Profile Problem 2015
Josefin Månsson, Mats Ekendahl
Legitimacy through scaremongering : the discursive role of alcohol in online discussions of cannabis use and policy 2012
Jenny Nybom
Activation in social work with socialassistance claimants in four Swedish municipalities 2011
Jenny Nybom
Activation and 'coercion' among Swedish social assistance claimants with different work barriers and socio-demographic characteristics : What is the logic? 2012
Joakim Palme, Johan Fritzell, Åke Bergmark
End of Equality? The Welfare State Model Beyond the Crisis 2009
Vicki Paskalia
Co-ordination of Social Security in the European Union: an Overview of Recent Case law 2009
Elin Peterson
License to care? Migrant domestic workers in Spanish employment and family policy 2015
Elin Peterson
Framing caregiving work for older people in Spanish public policy : gender, power and social justice 2019
Elin Peterson
Struggles for Recognition and Redistribution : Family Carers and Domestic Workers in Spanish Eldercare 2019
Katarina Piuva
Review: Stastny, P. & Lehmann, P. (2007) Alternatives beyond Psychiatry. berlin:Lehmann Publ. 2008
Katarina Piuva
The Case of Psychosocial Work : The Pedagogic Discourse of Psychosocial Work in Sweden 1938-1989 2007
Katarina Piuva
Revisiting mental hygene : Josef Lundahl´s interpretation of modern psychiatry in Sweden at the beginning of the twntieth century 2013
Katarina Piuva
Happy without reason? Mental illness and the ‘right’ to happiness in Sweden 2014
David Pålsson
Adjusting to standards : reflections from 'auditees' at residential homes for children in Sweden 2016
David Pålsson
Conditioned agency? The role of children in the audit of Swedish residential care 2015
David Pålsson
Entering the Market : On the Licensing of Residential Homes for Children and Youth in Sweden 2017
David Pålsson
The Prerequisites and Practices of Auditing Residential Care : On the Licensing and Inspection of Residential Homes for Children in Sweden 2018
Jenny Rangmar, Anders Hjern, Bo Vinnerljung,
et al.
Psychosocial Outcomes of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in Adulthood 2015
Jonas Raninen, Michael Livingston, Patrik Karlsson,
et al.
One explanation to rule them all? Identifying sub‐groups of non‐drinking Swedish ninth graders 2018
Marie Sallnäs
Swedish Residential Care in the Landscape of Out-of-Home Care 2009
Marie Sallnäs, Bo Vinnerljung, Pia Kyhle Westermark
Breakdown of teenage placements in Swedish foster and residential care. 2010
Marie Sallnäs, Stefan Wiklund
To study living conditions among children in out of home care : Is equality a reasonable ambition? 2013
Marie Sallnäs, Stefan Wiklund, Hélenè Lagerlöf
Welfare resources among children in care 2013
Eva Samuelsson
Use or Misuse? : Addiction Care Practitioners’ Perceptions of Substance Use and Treatment 2015
Astrid Schlytter, Hanna Linell
Girls with honour-related problems in a comparative perspective 2010
Pär Schön
Gender Matters : Differences and change in disability and health among our oldest women and men 2011
Pär Schön, M. G. Parker, Ingemar Kåreholt,
et al.
Gender differences in associations between ADL and other health indicators in 1992 and 2002 2011
Pär Schön, Marti G. Parker
Sex differences in health in 1992 and 2002 among very old Swedes 2011
Ulla-Karin Schön
The power of identification. Peer support in recovery from mental illness 2009
Ulla-Karin Schön
Recovery from mental illness, a gender perspective 2009
Ulla-Karin Schön
How men and women in recovery make meaning to severe mental illness 2009
Ulla-Karin Schön, Alain Topor
Social relationships as a decisive factor in recovering from severe mental illness 2009
Sabreen Selvik, Arild Raaheim, Carolina Øverlien
Children with multiple stays at refuges for abused women and their experiences of teacher recognition 2017
Sabreen Selvik, Carolina Øverlien
Children with multiple stays at Nordic refuges for abused women : conclusions, challenges, and causes for concern 2017
Emelie Shanks
Managing social work : Organisational conditions and everyday work for managers in the Swedish social services 2016
Emelie Shanks, Ulf Jonsson, Stefan Wiklund,
et al.
Harmful care. To what extent is terminology from medicine and clinical psychology applicable to out‐of‐home care? 2019
Emelie Shanks, Tommy Lundström, Åke Bergmark
Embedded in practice? Swedish social work managers on sources of managerial knowledge 2014
Emelie Shanks, Tommy Lundström, Stefan Wiklund
Middle managers in social work : Professional identity and management in a marketised welfare State 2014
Lisa Skogens
Approaching drinking problems in single male clients receiving social assistance 2011
Lisa Skogens
Labour market status, requirements and social support—single male clientswith problematic alcohol consumption 2011
Lisa Skogens, Ninive von Greiff
Conditions for recovery from alcohol and drug abuse : comparisons between male and female clients of different social position 2016
Lisa Skogens, Ninive von Greiff
Recovery capital in the process of change-differences and similarities between groups of clients treated for alcohol or drug problems 2013
Peter Sohlberg
There Nothing beyond Postmodernism and the ”Theoretical Other”? The Need for Balancing Universalism and Diversity in Social Work 2010
Peter Sohlberg, Magdalena Czaplicka, Sverker Lindblad
Nurses´Working Life under Restructuring 2010
Nicky Stanley, Christine Barter, Martha Wood,
et al.
Pornography, sexual coersion and abuse, and sexting in Young people’s intimate relationships : A European study 2017
Madeleine Starr, Marta Szebehely
Working longer, caring harder – the impact of ‘ageing-in-place’ policies on working carers in the UK and Sweden 2017
Palle Storm
Expressions of Gender and Ethnicity in Nursing Home Settings : the Impact of Organizational Conditions 2015
Palle Storm
Care Work in a Swedish Nursing Home : Gendered Norms and Expectations 2013
Palle Storm, Susan Braedly, Sally Chivers
Gender Regimes in Ontario Nursing Homes : Organization, Daily Work, and Bodies 2017
Anneli Stranz, Marta Szebehely
Organizational trends impacting on everyday realities : The case of swedish eldercare 2018
Anneli Stranz, Renita Sörensdotter
Interpretations of person-centered dementia care: Same rhetoric, different practices? A comparative study of nursing homes in England and Sweden 2016
Hugo Stranz, Patrik Karlsson, Stefan Wiklund
The wide-meshed safety net : Decision-making on social assistance eligibility in Sweden 2016
Hugo Stranz, Stefan Wiklund
One for All or All for One? The Collaboration of Swedish Personal Social Services with Regard to Lone Mothers on Social Assistance 2014
Hugo Stranz, Stefan Wiklund
Child welfare activities targeting single mothers on social assistance : a study of child welfare interventions and case managers’ referrals in a Swedish sample 2014
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