The journal seeks to disseminate knowledge and encourage debate about these issues and their regional and global implications. The Editors welcome contributions from across the world. In particular, authors are invited to submit the following types of papers:
• Comparative studies of social welfare policies and social work practices
• Empirical and theoretical analyses of contemporary trends in social welfare practice
• Contributions to theory and methodology relevant for the practice and study of social welfare issues
• Presentation and discussion of evidence-based practices in social services
• Analyses of policy developments and programme evaluations
• Systematic literature reviews of the literature which synthesise the results of empirical research within strategic fields of social welfare research
• Descriptive pieces on interesting innovations in social welfare policy and practice
• Research notes that describe and analyse social welfare e interventions in countries that are not currently members of the OECD
• Debate articles of importance for social welfare practice and research

The journal will occasionally publish a Viewpoints Section which invites ‘think pieces’ that formulate insightful arguments for new policies or professional practices.

Because the journal addresses itself to a worldwide readership, priority will be given to papers in which the content extends beyond purely local circumstances and has relevance for readers outside the author’s own country’s borders.