Stockholm Studies in Social Work - doctoral theses 2003 and onwards in English

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Author Title Year
Hilma Forsman
Addressing poor educational outcomes among children with out-of-home care experience : Studies on impact, pathways, and interventions 2019
Therese von Braun
Theorizing the therapeutic process in substance use-related dependency treatment 2018
David Pålsson
The Prerequisites and Practices of Auditing Residential Care : On the Licensing and Inspection of Residential Homes for Children in Sweden 2018
Josefin Månsson
Cannabis discourses in contemporary Sweden : Continuity and change 2017
Hanna Linell
Child protection through an abuse-focused lens : Adolescent victimization and Swedish social services responses 2017
Alexander Björk
Evidence-based practice behind the scenes : How evidence in social work is used and produced 2016
Emelie Shanks
Managing social work : Organisational conditions and everyday work for managers in the Swedish social services 2016
Josephine Heap
Living conditions in old age: Coexisting disadvantages across life domains 2016
Eva Samuelsson
Use or Misuse? : Addiction Care Practitioners’ Perceptions of Substance Use and Treatment 2015

Marketisation in Nordic eldercare: : a research report on legislation, oversight, extent and consequen 2013
Sara Erlandsson, Palle Storm, Anneli Stranz,
et al.
Marketising trends in Swedish eldercare: competition, choice and calls for stricter regulation 2013
Carina Ljungwald
The Emergence of the Crime Victim in the Swedish Social Services Act 2011
Pär Schön
Gender Matters : Differences and change in disability and health among our oldest women and men 2011
Stefan Fors
Blood on the tracks : Life-course perspectives on health inequalities in later life 2010
Bettina Meinow
Capturing health in the elderly population : Complex health problems, mortality, and allocation of home-help services 2008
Ilija Batljan
Demographics and Future Needs for Public Long Term Care and Services among the Elderly in Sweden : The Need for Planning 2007
Johan Kejerfors
Parenting in Urban Slum Areas : Families with Children in a Shantytown of Rio de Janeiro 2007
Patrik Karlsson
Margins of Prevention : - On Older Adolescents' Positive and Negative Beliefs about Illicit Drug Use 2006
Renate Minas
Administrating poverty : Studies of intake organization and social assistance in Sweden 2005
Magnus Jegermalm
Carers in the Welfare State : On Informal Care and Support for Carers in Sweden 2005
Kristina Larsson
According to need? : Predicting use of formal and informal care in a Swedish urban elderly population 2004
Alain Topor
Managing the contradictions : Recovery from severe mental disorders 2010
Gun-Britt Trydegård
Tradition, change and variation : past and present trends in public old-age care 2000
Jan Blomqvist
Beyond treatment? : widening the approach to alcohol problems and solutions 2010


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