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Current publications in English

Author Title Year
Anneli Stranz, Marta Szebehely
Organizational trends impacting on everyday realities : The case of swedish eldercare 2018
Maria A. Vogel
An Endeavour for Autonomy : How Girls Understand Their Lived Experiences of Being Referred to Secure Care 2018
Renate Minas, Vibeke Jakobsen, Timo Kauppinen,
et al.
The governance of poverty : Welfare reform, activation policies, and social assistance benefits and caseloads in Nordic countries 2018
David Pålsson
The Prerequisites and Practices of Auditing Residential Care : On the Licensing and Inspection of Residential Homes for Children in Sweden 2018
Maria Andersson Vogel
An Endeavour for Autonomy : How Girls Understand Their Lived Experiences of Being Referred to Secure Care 2018
Ylva Brännström Almquist, Lars Brännström
Childhood Adversity and Trajectories of Disadvantage Through Adulthood : Findings from the Stockholm Birth Cohort Study 2016
Anna Kahlmeter, Olof Bäckman, Lars Brännström
Housing Evictions and Economic Hardship. A Prospective Study 2018
Lars Brännström, Henrik Karlsson, Bo Vinnerljung,
et al.
Childhood risk factors for disability pension among adult former Swedish child welfare clients : Same or different as for majority population peers? 2017
Helene Brodin
At the intersection of marketisation, diversity and migration : reshaping the provision of paid family eldercare in Sweden? 2018
Frode F. Jacobsen, Suzanne Day, Katherine Laxter,
et al.
Job Autonomy of Long-Term Residential Care Assistive Personnel : A Six Country Comparison 2017
Eva Fromholz, Maritha Jacobsson, Lottie Wahlin
Victim offender mediation in Sweden: an activity falling apart? 2018
Josefin Månsson
Cannabis discourses in contemporary Sweden : Continuity and change 2017
Ninive von Greiff, Lisa Skogens
Positive processes of change among male and female clients treated for alcohol and/or drug problems 2016
Hilma Forsman
Foster carers’ experiences of a paired reading literacy intervention with looked-after children 2015
Bo Vinnerljung, Marie Sallnäs, Marie Berlin
Placement breakdowns in long-term foster care – a regional Swedish study 2014
Carolina Överlien
‘Do you want to do some arm wrestling?’: children's strategies when experiencing domestic violence and the meaning of age 2017
Patrik Karlsson, Anders Bergmark, Tommy Lundström
Effects of psychosocial interventions on behavioural problems in youth : A close look at Cochrane and Campbell reviews 2016
Ninive von Greiff, Lisa Skogens
Understandingthe concept of the therapeutic alliance in group treatment for alcohol and drugproblems 2017
Emma Björkenstam, Anders Hjern, Bo Vinnerljung
Adverse childhood experiences and disability pension in early midlife : results from a Swedish National Cohort Study 2017
Charlene Harrington, Frode F. Jacobsen, Justin Panos,
et al.
Marketization in Long-Term Care : A Cross-Country Comparison of Large For-Profit Nursing Home Chains 2017
Sabreen Selvik, Arild Raaheim, Carolina Øverlien
Children with multiple stays at refuges for abused women and their experiences of teacher recognition 2017
Madeleine Starr, Marta Szebehely
Working longer, caring harder – the impact of ‘ageing-in-place’ policies on working carers in the UK and Sweden 2017
Åke Bergmark, Olof Bäckman, Renate Minas
Organizing local social service measures tocounteract long-term social assistance receipt. What works? Experiences from Sweden 2016
Menghan Gao, Lars Brännström, Ylva Almquist B.
Exposure to out-of-home care in childhood and adult all-cause mortality : a cohort study 2016
Amanda Ljungberg, Anne Denhov, Alain Topor
A Balancing Act-How Mental Health Professionals Experience Being Personal in Their Relationships with Service Users 2017
Hanna Linell
The characteristics and extent of child abuse : findings from a study of the Swedish Social Services child protection 2016
Hanna Linell
The process of disclosing child abuse : a study of Swedish Social Services protection in child abuse cases 2016
Hanna Linell
Child protection through an abuse-focused lens : Adolescent victimization and Swedish social services responses 2017
Anders Hjern, Lisa Berg, Arzu Arat,
et al.
Children as next of kin in Sweden 2017
Emma Björkenstam, Bo Vinnerljung, Anders Hjern
Impact of childhood adversities on depression in early adulthood : A longitudinal cohort study of 478,141 individuals in Sweden 2017
Alain Topor, Ingemar Ljungqvist
Money, Social Relationships and the Sense of Self : The Consequences of an Improved Financial Situation for Persons Suffering from Serious Mental Illness 2017
Petra Ulmanen
Family care in the Swedish welfare state : extent, content and consequences 2017
Torbjörn Bildtgård, Peter Öberg
New Intimate Relationships in Later Life : Consequences for the Social and Filial Network? 2015
Hetty Rooth, Ulla Forinder, Katarina Piuva,
et al.
An Assessment of Two Parenting Training Manuals Used in Swedish Parenting Interventions 2017
Evelina Fridell Lif, Lars Brännström, Bo Vinnerljung,
et al.
Childhood Adversities and Later Economic Hardship among Swedish Child Welfare Clients : Cumulative Disadvantage or Disadvantage Saturation? 2017
Hugo Stranz, Patrik Karlsson, Stefan Wiklund
The wide-meshed safety net : Decision-making on social assistance eligibility in Sweden 2016
Lars Brännström, Bo Vinnerljung, Hilma Forsman,
et al.
Children Placed In Out-of-Home Care as Midlife Adults : Are They Still Disadvantaged or Have They Caught Up With Their Peers? 2017
Lars Brännström, Hilma Forsman, Bo Vinnerljung,
et al.
The truly disadvantaged? Midlife outcome dynamics of individuals with experiences of out-of-home care 2016
David Pålsson
Conditioned agency? The role of children in the audit of Swedish residential care 2015
Marlene Spanger, Hanne Marlene Dahl, Elin Peterson
Kersti Kriisk, Renate Minas
Social rights and spatial access to local social services : The role of structural conditions inaccess to local social services in Estonia 2017
Palle Storm, Susan Braedly, Sally Chivers
Gender Regimes in Ontario Nursing Homes : Organization, Daily Work, and Bodies 2017
Katerina Vrotsou, Gunnel Andersson, Kajsa Ellegård,
et al.
A time-geographic approach for visualizing the paths of intervention for persons with severe mental illness 2018
Josephine Heap, Stefan Fors, Carin Lennartsson
Coexisting Disadvantages in later Life : Demographic and Socio-Economic Inequalities 2018
Martin Bøg, Trine Filges, Lars Brännström,
et al.
12-step programs for reducing illicit drug use 2017
Marta Szebehely, Gabrielle Meagher
Nordic eldercare – Weak universalism becoming weaker? 2017
David Pålsson
Entering the Market : On the Licensing of Residential Homes for Children and Youth in Sweden 2017
Lis Bodil Karlsson, Evy Gunnarsson
Squalor, chaos and feelings of disgust : care workers talk about older people with alcohol problems 2017
Hildegard Theobald, Marta Szebehely, Yayoi Saito,
et al.
Marketisation policies in different contexts : Consequences for home-care workers in Germany, Japan and Sweden 2017
Stefan Kling, Bo Vinnerljung, Anders Hjern
Somatic assessments of 120 Swedish children taken into care reveal large unmet health and dental care needs 2016
Karin H. Bergmark, Einar Stensson, Anders Bergmark
Internet Addiction : The Making of a New Addiction 2016
Josephine Heap
Living conditions in old age: Coexisting disadvantages across life domains 2016
Mats Ekendahl, Patrik Karlsson
The user in Swedish abstinence-oriented opioid substitution therapy : a closer look at how user involvement bears upon policy formation 2017
Alexander Björk
Evidence-based practice behind the scenes : How evidence in social work is used and produced 2016
Emelie Shanks
Managing social work : Organisational conditions and everyday work for managers in the Swedish social services 2016
Petra Ulmanen
Childcare and eldercare policies in Sweden 2017
Gabrielle Meagher, Marta Szebehely, Jane Mears
How institutions matter for job characteristics, quality and experiences : A comparison of home care work for older people in Australia and Sweden 2016
Mikael Rostila, Lisa Berg, Arzu Arat,
et al.
Sibling death in childhood and self-inflicted injuries in young adults : A national cohort study from Sweden 2016
Karin T. M. Van Doesum, Joanne Riebschleger, Jessica Carroll,
et al.
Successful recruitment strategies for prevention programs targeting children of parents with mental health challenges : An international study 2017
Marta Szebehely
Residential Care for Older People : Are There Lessons to Be Learned from Sweden? 2017
Gabrielle Meagher, Tommy Lundström, Marie Sallnäs,
et al.
Big Business in a Thin Market : Understanding the Privatization of Residential Care for Children and Youth in Sweden 2015
Per Hellevik, Carolina Överlien
Teenage intimate partner violence : Factors associated with victimization among Norwegian youths 2017
Carolina Överlien, Geir Aas
The police patrols and children experiencing domestic violence 2016
Patrik Karlsson, Charlotta Magnusson, Johan Svensson
Does the familial transmission of drinking patterns persist into young adulthood? A 10-year follow up 2016
Anneli Stranz, Renita Sörensdotter
Interpretations of person-centered dementia care: Same rhetoric, different practices? A comparative study of nursing homes in England and Sweden 2016
Hilma Forsman, Lars Brännström, Bo Vinnerljung,
et al.
Does poor school performance cause later psychosocial problems among children in foster care? Evidence from national longitudinal registry data 2016
Emma Björkenstam, Bo Burström, Bo Vinnerljung,
et al.
Childhood adversity and psychiatric disorder in young adulthood : An analysis of 107,704 Swedes 2016
Alain Topor, Gunnel Andersson, Per Bülow,
et al.
After the Asylum? The New Institutional Landscape 2016
Torun Österberg, Björn Gustafsson, Bo Vinnerljung
Children in Out-of-Home Care and Adult Labor-Market Attachment : A Swedish National Register Study 2017
Charlotte Björkenstam, Lisa Ekselius, Marie Berlin,
et al.
Suicide risk and suicide method in patients with personality disorders 2017
Ottar Ness, Marit Borg, Randi Semb,
et al.
Negotiating partnerships : parents' experiences of collaboration in community mental health and substance use services 2017
Per Bülow, Gunnel Andersson, Anne Denhov,
et al.
Experience of Psychotropic Medication - An Interview Study of Persons with Psychosis 2017
Hélène Lagerlöf
School related resources and potential to exercise self-determination for young people in Swedish out-of-home care 2017
Renate Minas
The concept of integrated services in different welfare states from a life course perspective 2016
Catharina Widmark, Christer Sandahl, Katarina Piuva,
et al.
Do views on psychosocial needs of children and adolescents differ among professionals depending on their organisational affiliation? A qualitative study 2016
Åke Bergmark
Editorial 2016
Åke Bergmark
Editorial 2016
Alain Topor, Ingemar Ljungqvist, Eva-Lena Strandberg
The costs of friendship : severe mental illness, poverty and social isolation 2016
Alain Topor, Amanda Ljungberg
"Everything is so relaxed and personal" - The construction of helpful relationships in individual placement and support 2017
Alexander Björk
Evidence, fidelity, and organisational rationales : Multiple uses of Motivational Interviewing in a social services agency 2016
Lars Brännström, Catrine Kaunitz, Anna-Karin Andershed,
et al.
Aggression replacement training (ART) for reducing antisocial behavior in adolescents and adults : A systematic review 2016
Karin Heimdahl, Patrik Karlsson
Psychosocial interventions for substance-abusing parents and their young children : A scoping review 2016
Amanda Ljungberg, Anne Denhov, Alain Topor
Non-helpful relationships with professionals : aliterature review of the perspective of persons with severe mental illness 2016
Ingemar Ljungqvist, Alain Topor, Henrik Forssell,
et al.
Money and Mental Illness : A Study of the Relationship Between Poverty and Serious Psychological Problems 2016
Lisa Berg, Karin Bäck, Bo Vinnerljung,
et al.
Parental alcohol-related disorders and school performance in 16 year olds - a national cohort study 2016
Karl Gauffin, Anders Hjern, Bo Vinnerljung,
et al.
Childhood Household Dysfunction, Social Inequality and Alcohol Related Illness in Young Adulthood. A Swedish National Cohort Study 2016
Lisa Skogens, Ninive von Greiff
Conditions for recovery from alcohol and drug abuse : comparisons between male and female clients of different social position 2016
Lill Hultman, Ulla Forinder, Pernilla Pergert
Assisted normality - a grounded theory of adolescent's experiences of living with personal assistance 2016
Catharina Widmark, Christer Sandahl, Katarina Piuva,
et al.
What do we think about them and what do they think about us? Social representations of interprofessional and interorganizational collaboration in the welfare sector 2016
Mikael Rostila, Lisa Berg, Arzu Arat,
et al.
Parental death in childhood and self-inflicted injuries in young adults - a national cohort study from Sweden 2016
Lars Brännström, Vinnerljung Bo, Anders Hjern
Child welfare clients have higher risks for teenage childbirths : which are the major confounders? 2016
Emma Björkenstam, Christina Dalman, Bo Vinnerljung,
et al.
Childhood household dysfunction, school performance and psychiatric care utilisation in young adults : a register study of 96 399 individuals in Stockholm County 2016
Hugo Stranz, Stefan Wiklund, Patrik Karlsson
People processing in Swedish personal social services : On the individuals, their predicaments and the outcomes of organisational screening 2016
Jacqueline A. Choiniere, Malcolm Doupe, Monika Goldmann,
et al.
Mapping Nursing Home Inspections and Audits in Six Countries 2015
Stig Elofsson, Tommy Lundström, Emelie Shanks
High job strain among social work managers and its relation to perceived work situation 2015
Lars Brännström, Björn Trolldal, Martin Menke
Spatial spillover effects of a community action programme targeting on-licensed premises on violent assaults : evidence from a natural experiment 2015
Åsa Söderqvist, Yvonne Sjöblom, Pia Bülow
Home sweet home? Professionals' understanding of ‘home’ within residential care for unaccompanied youths in Sweden 2015
David Pålsson
Adjusting to standards : reflections from 'auditees' at residential homes for children in Sweden 2016
Nicky Stanley, Christine Barter, Martha Wood,
et al.
Pornography, sexual coersion and abuse, and sexting in Young people’s intimate relationships : A European study 2017
Torbjörn Bildtgård
Alimentalities - Food for Sociology 2015


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