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Academic Writing Service

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Application - a step-by-step guide


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IT for students



Mondo is a platform where you as a student have access to all the information about the courses you take, such as schedules, schedule changes, excursion information, group assignments and examination dates. Access is obtained when you register on the course.


Cheating: plagiarism, self-plagiarism and unauthorized cooperation

Plagiarism, cheating and disruption is not permitted at Stockholm University and may lead to expelling from the university. It is therefore especially important that you as a student keep informed of what is applicable.


Study career advisors

Jane Barkström and Annika Jemteborn
Telephone: Mon, Tues, Thurs 9.30-11.00
Visiting: Mon, Tues, Thurs 11.00-12.00
Room 444, level 4
Telephone: +46-8-16 23 25


Exchange Coordinator
Eva Marklund