Step 1:
Go to:

Change the language in the top right corner: SPRÅK: SVENSKA.

Search for your schedule by finding the right program and/or course. Click ”Subscribe” in the top right corner.

Select time period, for example ”This week + 2 weeks”

Mark and copy the link that is shown.

Now go to the right calendar programme for step 2

Step 2: Add the link in your calendar

● Microsoft Outlook (automatic)
Paste the link in a new window in your browser
(Windows: Click Ctrl+N and then Ctrl+V in your browser). In the dialog box that appears, choose “Send to Outlook”, press OK and then confirm that you want to subscribe to the schedule.

● Microsoft Outlook (manual)
Open Outlook and open the calendar

Right click on “My calendar” -> ”Add calendar” -> ”From Internet”
Paste the link and click OK.

● Google Calendar
Log in to Google Calendar.
Click the “Triangle” to the right of “Other calendars”. Select ”Add web address”
Paste the link and click “Add calendar”

● Android
To be able to subscribe to a calendar in Android you must use Google calendar. See instructions above.

Then open the calendar in your Android-unit
Click on the "Settings button" and "my calendars" select the name of the new calendar (which you created in your Google Calendar) so that it says "sync" below. Press The OK Button. 


● iPhone/iPad

Via your phone, do step 1 to obtain the schema you want to subscribe to.

Then click "subscribe" in the dialog box that appears. 


● iCal

Paste the link into a new browser window. (Windows: press Ctrl + N, followed by Ctrl + V if you have a browser open). In the dialog box that comes up, select either save and then import into your calendar program (that supports iCal) or subscribe to (if your calendar application can receive the file directly).