The schedule is found here:

And here: where you need to log in to see your schedule.

Choose your language in the top right corner “Språk: Svenska”

Then select “Sök schema – Schemasökning och visning av scheman (öppen ingång)”
Select “English schedule

Here you can search by course events, course, group, course part or room.

Find your course

You can also subscribe to your schedule to your smartphone or web-calendar.

⁃ All schedules are preliminary and can change so check your schedule often.

If you save the link to the schedule as a bookmark in your browser or to your calendar it will updated there automatically. Don´t forget to check the settings on your calendar how often the calendar is updated.

- Should there be planned or unplanned malfunction in the system you can still see your schedule in your calendar application if you use the Subscribe at your scheduele site.

- Under Advanced Search can you search for example courses, activity and rooms.

⁃ A red dot to the left of the reservation is a change made in the last 24 hours. The same rule applies for cancellations which are marked with a line over the reservation.