The Social Science Faculty at Stockholm University has decided to cancel the International Master’s programme in social work (SISAO) 120 ECTS and the International Masterprogramme in social work (SOCIO) 120 ECTS. The reason behind this decision was the launching of the new programme International Master´s Programme in Social Policy and Social Work (SOPIO), 120 ECTS that started in September 2014.

The respectively current syllabus for SISAO and SOCIO expires in January 2017, i.e. at the end of autumn semester 2016. After this date, it is no longer possible to study or to take the Master’s degree at either of these programmes.

The option to recommence studies autumn semester 2016 for students admitted to the programme SISAO autumn 2007 /2008 or admitted to the programme SOCIO autumn 2010 is therefor only possible if merely the Essay remains before completing the programme.  The student has to have passed all mandatory courses and all optional courses (totally 90 credits) during previous studies at the programme.

Is it feasible for you to finish your Essay, and with that your Master education, before the expiration of the syllabus for SISAO and SOCIO?

If Yes, please contact the department’s Student and Career counselling office or the Director of Studies at advanced level.

Student and Career counselling, dep. of Social Work

Director of Studies at advanced level, Katarina Piuva