Items 1 –3 do not apply to written examinations

  1. Examination tasks shall be submitted according to teacher instructions and at the latest on the final day of the course/module.
  2. Students who receive the grade Fx on their examination task can complement the task according to teacher instructions and submit the revision to the teacher at the latest two weeks after results have been returned. An approved complementation can get no higher then an E grade for the course/module. If the complementation does not meet with approval or is not submitted in time the grade given is F, unless otherwise stipulated in the syllabus. Students also have the possibility of not complementing, but of doing instead a new examination task; see item 3.
  3. To students who have not submitted their examination task in time or who have received the grade Fx a new examination task shall be offered by the teacher at the latest 5 weeks after the set examination date. After this, students are referred to the next ordinary examination sitting (the next time the course/module is given) or if offered, at a specially organized make up exam.
  4. The Fx grade is only given to examination tasks where complementation is possible in order to pass the course (achieve grade E). If the examination task is so constructed that complementation is not possible and failing the task means resitting the exam, the grade Fx is not given.
  5. Tasks submitted on the new (make up) examination date are graded according to the usual seven-grade scale (A-F).
  6. When and in what manner make up examinations are to take place shall be clearly indicated in the information handed out at the start of the course/module.
  7. Examination tasks should be corrected and graded within three weeks (15 work days) from the examination date.
  8. Students who have once passed the exam (at whatever level, A-E) may not resit the exam in order to get a higher grade.
  9. Make up examinations of a course/module can be taken during the run of three semesters from the first examination date.
  10. During the three semesters following the first examination date at least four examination opportunities shall be offered, open for retakes. This also applies, where necessary, to courses/modules no longer being given or that have undergone major changes.
  11. Successful examinations on whole modules of an otherwise uncompleted course remain valid for five years, which means that the course can be brought to completion during this time if it is still being given and has not undergone major changes.
  12. Students who fail the field placement module (VFU) or who do not complete the VFU period have the right to be offered one new placement.
  13. In special circumstances dispensation from the examination regulations may be obtained from the director of studies.
  14. Students have the right to request re-examination by another examiner if failed twice on the same course/module.  Such requests must be made in writing to the director of studies within one year from the end of the course/module.

Guidelines for supervising and grading papers in the social work graduate and master’s programs

  1. Students in the social work graduate program have the right ‒ at present ‒ to 24 hours of teacher time for supervision of a 15-credit term paper, including reading the material, tutoring and seminars. In the master’s program the corresponding time available for supervision of a 30-credit term paper is at present 30 hours for students in the regular master’s program and 36 for students in the international master’s program.  If the paper is failed by an examiner, students may in certain cases be granted extra time for tutoring after application to the director of studies.
  2. Students have the right to change their supervisor if the one appointed for any reason (illness, stay abroad) is unable to fulfill the task.
  3. For thesis evaluation and grading criteria see relevant syllabus and course/module information.

For general information on Stockholm University examination regulations see the Stockholm University web page, Regelboken: 2.2.3 Examination (in Swedish) or Examinations (in English).

The above regulations and guidelines, updated by the Board of the Department of Social Work on 2014-03-26, replace earlier examination regulations and guidelines endorsed by the Board on 2010-09-22.