Sveaplan - a functionalistic building

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Sveaplan - a functionalistic building

The department of Social work is placed at Sveaplan, in a functionalistic building designed by architects Nils Ahrbom and Helge Zimdal. It was built in 1936 and is considered one of the finest examples of early functionalistic style in Sweden.

The house was reopened in 1996 after a major renovation. Then the house had been abandoned for 4-5 years and was thoroughly worn down. The aim of the renovation was to create a modern building with offices and classroom, while preserving the fine functionalistic architecture with its specific colours and details.

The idea of the early functionalism was to create light and space with the help of simple, lightweight structures and new materials. The function is the central idea. The new architecture contrasted against the previous heavy national romantic and classical (compare with the School of Engineering "Tekniska Högskolan", completed in 1922).

The classroom corridor on level 1, bathing in sun, was an innovation in school architecture. This part of the house is protected under the heritage law of listed buildings. Other interesting parts of the house is the auditorium with its spectacular organ pipes visible through the front window, the gymnasium (now housing the Library of Social Work) with the wall bars and hanging ropes still intact, and the stairwell with the light streaming through the large windows, in bright colours of contrasting blues and the original limestone.
In the foyer outside the auditorium is a wall painting by the Swedish painter Bo Beskow from 1936 called "Chaos-Cosmos"(see picture below) .


Kaos och kosmos




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