Intergenerational family support for Chinese older adults

Guest Editorial: Intergenerational family support for Chinese older adults
Merril Silverstein, Iris Chi

I. Intergenerational caregiving and support to older parents
Parents’ depressive symptoms and support from sons and daughters in rural China
Zhen Cong, Merril Silverstein

Family as a context: the influence of family composition and family geographic dispersion on intergenerational relations among Chinese elderly
Man Guo, Iris Chi, Merril Silverstein

Age and intergenerational exchange among older parents in rural China
Dongmei Zuo, Zheng Wu, Shuzhuo Li

II. Family factors in the well-being of older adults
Intergenerational relations and life satisfaction among older women in Taiwan
Ju-Ping Lin, Tse-Fan Chang, Chiu-Hua Huang

Social network and health: a comparison of Chinese older adults in Shanghai and Chinese elderly immigrants in Boston
Bei Wu, Man Guo, Iris Chi, Brenda L. Plassman

Widowhood, family support, and self-rated health among older adults in China
Yawen Li, Iris Chi, Pamela C. Krochalk, Ling Xu

Family factors affecting perceived income adequacy among older adults in urban China
Chao Li, Iris Chi, Ling Xu

III. Filial piety toward older adults
Filial piety of children as perceived by aging parents in China
Weiyu Mao, Iris Chi

Filial norms and intergenerational support to aging parents in China and Taiwan
Ju-Ping Lin, Chin-Chun Yi

The role of the family in institutional long-term care: cultural management of filial piety in China
Heying Jenny Zhan, Zhanlian Feng, Zhiyu Chen, Xiaotian Feng

IV. Grandparents and grandchildren
Depressive symptoms of older adults in Hong Kong: the role of grandparent reward
Vivian W.Q. Lou

Life satisfaction among rural Chinese grandparents: the roles of intergenerational family relationship and support exchange with grandchildren
Ling Xu, Iris Chi