Sven Hessle

Guest Editorial: The environment and social work: An overview and introduction
John Coates, Mel Gray

Environmental ethics for social work: Social work’s responsibility to the non-human world
Mel Gray, John Coates

Deep Ecology’s contributions to social work: A ten-year retrospective
Fred Besthorn

Building capacity for environmental engagement and leadership: An ecosocial work perspective
Mishka Lysack

Environmental social work: A principles approach
Shari E. Miller, R. Anna Hayward, Terry V. Shaw

The relationship between social work and environmental sustainability: Implications for interdisciplinary practice
Cathryne Schmitz, Tom Matyók, Lacey M. Sloan, Channelle James

The place of social work in sustainable development: Towards ecosocial practice
Jef Peeters

Social work and the environment: An ecosocial approach
Christine Lynn Norton

Getting down to earth: Finding a place for nature in social work practice
Milena Heinsch