Editorial by Sven Hessle

Are European social safety nets tight enough? Coverage and adequacy of minimum income schemes in 14 EU countries
Francesco Figari, Manos Matsaganis, Holly Sutherland

Processes of conservation and change in Arab society in Israel: Implications for the health and welfare of the Arab population
Faisal Azaiza

Treatment-as-usual in effectiveness studies: What is it and does it matter?
Cecilia Andrée Löfholm, Lars Brännström, Martin Olsson, Kjell Hansson

Does higher income equal higher levels of happiness in every society? The case of the Mayan people
Jorge Guardiola, Francisco González-Gómez, Miguel A. Garcia-Rubio, Ángel Lendechy-Grajales

Activation and ‘coercion’ among Swedish social assistance claimants with different work barriers and socio-demographic characteristics: What is the logic?
Jenny Nybom

Beyond continuity? Italian social assistance policies between institutional opportunities and agency
Ilaria Madama

Introducing social insurance for long-term care in Taiwan: Key issues
Pamela Nadash, Yao-Chi Shih

Improving homeless persons’ utilisation of primary care: lessons to be learned from an outreach programme in The Netherlands
Arianne M.J. Elissen, Arno J.A. Van Raak, Emmy W.C.C. Derckx, Hubertus J.M. Vrijhoef

The local geographies of welfare in Tunisia: Does neighbourhood matter?
Mohamed Amara, Mohamed Ayadi

Australian child protection services: A game without end
Patricia Hansen, Frank Ainsworth