Sven Hessle

Social income transfers and poverty: a cross-country analysis for OECD countries
Koen Caminada, Kees Goudswaard, Ferry Koster

Home-ownership, housing regimes and income inequalities in Western Europe
Michelle Norris, Nessa Winston

Unheard voices, unmapped terrain: care work in long-term residential care for older people in Canada and Sweden
Tamara Daly, Marta Szebehely

Chinese Singaporean attitudes towards poverty and inequality: a comparative analysis
Irene Y.H. Ng, Grace Koh

On the significance of social control: treatment-entry pressures, self-choice and alcohol and drug dependence criteria one year after treatment
Jessica Storbjörk

A fistful of euros: is the German one-euro job workfare scheme effective for participants?
Katrin Hohmeyer, Joachim Wolff

A life of fear: sex workers and the threat of HIV in Uganda
Juan Schoemaker, Janestic Twikirize

Do social allowance transfers crowd out private transfers? An analysis of responses among elderly households in Taiwan
Jason Cheng-Chung Chuang

Sustainable social work: Modelling knowledge production, transfer and evidenced-based social work
Mel Gray & Leanne Schubert

The future of inter-country adoption: a paradigm shift for this century
Patricia Fronek, Denise Cuthbert

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